I am an experienced English-native linguist working from a small town in Le Marche, Italy. The Italian sunshine first drew me here over twelve years ago but it was the Italian people and their enchanting language and culture that made me stay. I returned to the UK in 2012 to further my studies with a masters' in Translation and Language Technology before settling here in Italy permanently. I make regular trips back to the UK to ensure my native-language skills and cultural knowledge are always sharp and up to date.

I specialise in Marketing and Energy & Environment translation and I have honed my translation, revision and editing skills through six years’ experience at a leading Italian LSP, working closely alongside a variety of prestigious public and private enterprises.

Previous management and educational roles have made me a confident communicator, able to think on my feet, adapt swiftly to changing circumstances and face challenges with an energetic, positive and flexible attitude. I work hard to maintain excellent CAT, terminology-management and concept-research skills.

I hope we get a chance to work together soon!