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I am an experienced English-native linguist specialised in Marketing and Environment & Energy translation.

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My Story

I am an experienced English-native linguist based in a small town in the Marche region of Italy. The Italian sunshine first drew me here over twelve years ago but it was the Italian people and their enchanting language and culture that kept me here. I make regular trips back to the UK to keep my native-language skills and cultural knowledge sharp and up to date.

I specialise in Marketing and Energy & Environment translation & localization, convinced that translation quality is dependent on specific, in-depth knowledge of the topics covered within the text to translate.

Having achieved a master’s in translation studies, I further developed my translation, revision and editing skills through six years of experience at a leading Italian language services provider, working closely alongside a variety of prestigious public and private enterprises.

Since 2018, I have been working as a full-time freelance linguist, offering targeted, highly specialised translation services tailored to the specific needs of a range of SME’s and larger corporations in collaboration with a handful of “boutique” translation providers.

I also collaborate with a close-knit team of passionate English and Italian translators based in Italy, the UK and the US with expertise in a range of different sectors, enabling me to meet a very broad range of requests with targeted solutions. Projects are handled by two qualified, experienced professionals, both of whom are native speakers in the target language, providing a consistent guarantee of the highest-quality human translation.

When I’m not working, you’ll probably find me somewhere down by the sea!


I hope we get a chance to work together soon!


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