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Marketing Translation
Localization: Marketing & Digital Content

Communication is central to success. Whatever the product or service, the words you use must be selected with the greatest of care. From fashion, design and lifestyle through to more technical product groups, I provide compelling translations focused on recreating the impact and poetry of the original text. I work closely with my customers to ensure that their content engages the target audience and gets the right message across.

Environment & Energy Translation
Environment & Energy Translation

Sustainability and the energy transition are central themes of our times. My background in environmental sciences and experience working alongside leading Italian energy companies has equipped me to handle a huge range of documentation in this constantly evolving field, including sustainability reporting, contracts and tenders, environmental impact assessments, academic articles and studies, scientific materials, technical and legislative documentation and press releases and disclosures.

Other Sectors

I firmly believe that excellent translation requires specialised translators with a high level of specific knowledge in their chosen fields. My colleagues and I take on projects for a variety of other text types and sectors following a careful assessment of the specific characteristics of the text. This allows us to be certain that we are the right fit for your requirements and can ensure your text is treated with the care it deserves.

Other Services
Filling Out a Form
Revision, Review, Proofreading & Editing

With consolidated experience as lead quality assurance manager for one of Italy's biggest LSPs, I implement a highly refined set of procedures for each of the different phases that a text may go through post-translation. I also offer ad-hoc services for particularly complex projects, e.g. in the absence of a single source text, updating of parallel texts, incomplete source texts, and so forth.

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