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Localization: Marketing & Digital Content

Communication is central to success. Whatever the product or service, the words you use must be selected with the greatest of care to fully engage your audience.

Environment & Energy Translation

Sustainability and the energy transition are central themes of our times. My background in environmental sciences and experience working alongside leading Italian energy companies has equipped me to handle a huge range of documentation in this constantly evolving field.


Other services

I offer revision, proofreading and editing services across a range of technical, academic, editorial and digital fields, as well as tailored multilingual translation and localization services for more complex projects.

Three-step human translation

Sector-specialist qualified native speaker


Second native-speaker linguist


Final checks and proofing

Each project is handled by two experienced professionals, both of whom are native speakers in the target language, allowing us to consistently guarantee human translation of the highest quality.

I work with a close-knit team of passionate English and Italian translators based in Italy, the UK and the US with expertise in a range of different sectors, offering targeted, highly specialised translation services tailored to the specific needs of our customers.



I am an experienced English-native linguist based in a small town in Italy. I specialise in Marketing and Energy & Environment translation & localization. Having completed a Masters in translation studies, I further developed my translation, revision and editing skills through six years of experience at a leading Italian language services provider, working closely alongside a variety of prestigious public and private enterprises.

Since 2018, I have been working as a full-time freelance linguist, offering targeted, highly specialised translation services tailored to the specific needs of a range of SME’s and larger corporations in collaboration with a handful of “boutique” translation providers.

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What people say...

“Oliver is a very committed individual who pays careful attention to every detail. He makes optimal use of language technology and is a real pleasure to work with.”

— Alicia Arranz, Translator


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Tel: +39 338 80 94 393

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